When you make it on a show like So You Think You Can Dance, you give it all you got. That's exactly what happened when 12-year-old Chi Tahini wowed the crowd with her audition to Beyoncé's "Countdown." The judges immediately stood up to let her know that she would be going on to the next round, and the way her face lit up could make anyone's heart melt. 

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As Tahini went up to give each judge a hug to show her appreciation, something was a little off when she approached Paula Abdul. She pursed her lips as her mouth got full and that's when Abdul knew something was about to go down. Abdul asked her, "Are you okay, honey?" and the girl just shook her head indicating that everything was good. Right when Abdul thought she was in the clear, the girl puked all over the legendary singer — it was priceless, tbh. 

Abdul handled the entire situation in such a sweet and comforting manner. Could you imagine if someone puked on you? We probably wouldn't have acted as calm, cool, and collected as Abdul was. According to Entertainment Weekly, after the incident Tahini said, "I hugged Nigel, and I hugged Paula. And she just squeezed me too tight. And all the happiness came out on her jacket.” You got that right girl, you got that right.