"Coco" wins Best Motion Picture - Animated award at the Golden Globes.

Pixar's "Coco" movie won big at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards by taking home the trophy for Best Animated Feature Film. It was a proud moment for all Latinxs since "Coco" painted a beautiful picture of Mexico and its "Dia de los Muertos" tradition, plus its success will pave the way for more of our stories to be told. 

But there's one more category that "Coco" didn't win that has fans feeling robbed.

It was the award for Best Original Song - Motion Picture which ended up going to "This is Me" from "The Greatest Showman."

For fans who watched "Coco" and were literally sobbing during the scene where the character Miguel performs "Remember Me," it is unfathomable that any other song could have won that award.

They let their outrage be known on Twitter.

The anger was palpable.

Do tears count for nothing at the Golden Globes?

"Remember Me" made people cry in more than one language.

This was clearly an oversight in their eyes.

They were over it!

But there's always the Oscars and fans are ready for a rematch.

Was "Coco" robbed? Listen to "Remember Me" and "This Is Me" below and decide for yourself.