I've watched "Grease" a bunch of times. I can sing along to pretty much the entire movie. I've always wanted to be a Pink Lady for Halloween (still on my bucket list), and used to do the "Born to Hand Jive" dance just for the fun of it. I feel like I know "Grease," but now there's a fan theory circulating that's absolutely blowing my mind – and the internet's as well. 

Three years ago, Reddit user atomicbolt wrote a post called "A theory on the ending of 'Grease'" — which is now blowing up the internet.

He suggests that Sandy and Danny didn't actually live happily ever after, but in fact, Sandy has been dead throughout the entire film and it was all just a very vivid dream. 

Seriously? WTF?!

It goes a little something like this...

photo: Imgur.com, atomicbolt

And fans are freaking the hell out over this idea.

Others are just surprised it took us all so long to join the party.

But seriously, if there's any validity to this theory, then our childhoods are basically just one big lie.

Thank you for ruining our day, three-year-old fan theory.