It’s official. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are dating. The two sparked major romance rumors after being spotted partying together over Halloween weekend and — while they’ve remained very coy about their relationship — Shelton’s rep Wes Vause has confirmed that Blake and Gwen are a couple.

Stefani and Shelton are both newly single after splitting with their spouses over the summer. Gwen announced her divorce from husband and Bush front man, Gavin Rosdale, while Blake split with his wife and fellow country crooner Miranda Lambert in July.

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After spending plenty of time together as coaches on NBC’s The Voice, it seems Blake and Gwen fell victim to the dreaded office romance, which many of us know far too well. That’s why we’ve rounded up 12 awkward challenges of having a workplace beau.




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When dating a coworker, you often wonder how much affection is too much affection. 


Hiding arguments

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Just had a fight at home? Still have to play it cool when everyone asks how things are going. 


Navigating workplace disagreements

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Remember when you complained about work to your beau? When you're dating, sometimes he might be the one you want to complain about. 


Dealing with haters

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Not everyone is going to approve of your office romance.

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Keeping the smooching to a minimum

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You'll have debates of when to keep it professional, like at office parties. 


Running out of things to talk about

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When you're with someone all day, what do you talk about at home?


When you're out with coworkers

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He wants to stay and you want to go. 


Photo bombers

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Sometimes, you don't want a group photo with your coworkers. 


Addressing awkward questions

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Sometimes coworkers get a little too personal with their questions about your relationship



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That moment when someone starts getting a little too friendly with your honey.