The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: Soraya Montenegro is back, pendejas! Itatí Cantoral just gave us all of the feels when she channeled the iconic Maria la del Barrio character for a stint in Naranja es el Nuevo Negro a.k.a. Orange Is the New Black's Litchfield Penitentiary in a promo for the Netflix show. Cantoral's scenes were filmed on a set in Mexico and were clearly edited with old clips from the Netflix show to place her smack dab in the middle of the women we've gotten to know over the past four seasons. Her psychotic interpretation is still as gripping as it was over 20 years ago. You can thank the brilliant script for convincing her to do the bit. 

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Montenegro calls her fellow inmates every name in the book from "marginales" to "bitches" and throws threats left and right at some of the characters we love to hate (she even gets hilariously all Hannibal Lecter on Soso). Of course, you can't bring Montenegro back without a "maldita lisiada" moment. We got it when she bumps into Dina, an inmate in a wheelchair, which leads to a confrontation that gets her thrown in the SHU. Did we expect anything less?