Latino men everywhere are hitting the panic button. Latin music's leading feminist icons, Puerto Rican reggaeton star Ivy Queen and Mexican ranchera legend Paquita la del Barrio (who have zero chill when it comes to demanding respect and putting fuckboys in their place), could be joining forces for an epic collaboration.

"You people should know who this eminent figure is who gives out fire for the ass that needs it," she wrote in Spanish.

paquita la del barrio
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Queen considers it an honor to be compared to Barrio, who she calls "a true OG."

She added she had two artists that she would like to collaborate with on her bucket list and Paquita — who she perfectly referred to as a "hitman" — is one of them.

ivy queen
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And when Queen said women everywhere would know what this collab would mean, we felt it in our souls.

It would break the internet faster than you can say "Des-pa-cito."

Word spread quickly about Queen's dream, and then this tweet from a Barrio account happened: "Delighted to collaborate with the diva Ivy Queen."

Queen responded on Twitter and freaked out on Instagram, asking fans to help her figure out if the tweet was real or fake.

We are skeptical because the tweet came from an unverified account, but Queen already blasted anyone laughing at her dream.

But many of Queen's followers didn't care if it was real or fake, and immediately began celebrating about the possibility of both legends coming together.

And men are already living in fear.

We hope Ivy Queen and Paquita la del Barrio can link up and give the people what they need.

paquita la del barrio
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It's clear Latinas everywhere are ready.

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