"Orange is the New Black" stars Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero got caught slipping!

The actresses — who are BFFs in real life as well as onscreen — were put to the test by Buzzfeed to see exactly how tight their friendship REALLY is.

And they failed so hard, they couldn't believe it.

Buzzfeed put them on the spot about everything from what Cruz does in between takes of "OITNB..."

Guerrero thought that Cruz's go to was "making coffee," but Cruz wrote "eating salt and vinegar chips." On the bright side, Cruz admitted that Guerrero was more right than she was, which showed how well she knew her, little did she know it was all going downhill from there.

To Guerrero's biggest pet peeve...

Cruz's "coffee breath" response was not even close to Guerrero's "rude ass people" answer. But Guerrero did own up to specifically hating Cruz's coffee breath.

After making it a third of the way through, they came to the harsh realization that maybe they are not as in synch as they thought.

"Let's just get one! Please god! Or else this is all a sham!," Guerrero yelled. But her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Immediately after that, the duo failed at the questions about Cruz's favorite on-set moment from the upcoming season (their outfits, not learning how to smize), and Guerrero's favorite guilty pleasure (junk food, not "Bob's Burgers").

While we can admit that even we could have equally failed at this type of Q&A with our bestie, when it came down to Guerrero's go-to snack, she hilariously threatened to end their friendship if Cruz got the easy question wrong.

And because of course, Cruz incorrectly wrote "chips," which definitely did not match Guerrero's doughnut preference.

But in Cruz's defense, Guerrero did say she ate them in secret.

Fortunately, Guerrero did not storm off, and even though they had more instances where they were not on the same page, they were able to get one perfect match.

Guerrero accurately answered that Cruz's celebrity crush is Elvis Presley, and faith in their friendship was immediately restored.

Even though they failed the quiz, it's safe to say that they know each other a lot better now.

Good luck next time!

You can watch Buzzfeed almost ruin their friendship below.