Madame Tussauds Hollywood was definitely the place to be Tuesday (August 30), during the unveiling of Selena Quintanilla's wax figure

Fans from all over the country gathered for the icon's wax reveal — including one famous superfan.

"Orange Is the New Black" actress Jackie Cruz couldn't contain her excitement at attending the event.

Cruz said on Instagram that she felt honored to have the opportunity to honor the singer who continues to inspire her to this day. 

"Selena was and continues to be, an idol for so many, especially for young girls who dreamt of being singers and entertainers. Myself included. Thank you for breaking all the barriers you did for Latinas, for women and for young girls in entertainment. Thank you for whole heartedly pursuing all your passions from designer to musician, because in that pursuit you tore down doors for many of us. Selena's life was cut short but her impact, legacy and most importantly her music will never be forgotten."

While there she got a chance to snap some pics with Selena's sister Suzette, but there was one introduction that had her overcome with emotion: meeting Selena's mom.

photo: Instagram, Jackie Cruz

She couldn't hold back her tears when she got the chance to chat with Marcella Quintanilla.

Well, she tried to chat with her, but said the meeting left her "literally speechless."

It's totally understandable why Cruz felt so emotional meeting Marcella. Despite Selena passing over 21 years ago, she continues to have an impact on so many individuals. Marcella continuously supported her daughter in pursuing her dreams and reaching new heights. Because of Marcella, we all got the chance to know and appreciate the gifts of a beautiful, talented woman who continues to be an important figure in music and the Latino community. 

Jackie, we feel you girl. We would have been a hot mess if we met Selena's mamí too.

photo: Instagram, Jackie Cruz

Now that's what dreams are made of!