During the final presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton discussed the future of Roe v. Wade. Access to safe abortion could be at risk if Trump were elected president.

Trump said he'd appoint a Supreme Court justice who would support the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

"Well, if we put another two or perhaps three justices on that's really what’s going to be — that will happen," he said. "That will happen automatically in my opinion because I am putting pro-life justices on the court. I will say this it will go back to the states and the states will then make a determination."

While politicians debated about abortion, "Jane the Virgin" reminded us why it's a right that should never be taken away.

In season two, Xiomara learned Rogelio's enemy, Esteban, impregnated her during a one night stand.

Xiomara had just ended her relationship with Rogelio because he wants more children but she doesn't. As Vanity Fair pointed out in May, this scenario had set the show up itself up for the "perfect abortion storyline." 

Season three's premiere picked right up where the last season ended.

Getting pregnant, especially by a man she doesn't care for, didn't change Xiomara's stance on having more children.

Xiomara revealed her pregnancy to Rogelio during the premiere — and he offered the response every woman deserves to hear after making such a difficult decision.

"Well that's your choice," Rogelio said. "Either way I'm here." Rogelio doesn't always say the right things, but every now and then he really comes through.

As Revelist's senior news and identity editor Evette Dionne pointed out, this simple exchange is one of the "most progressive" abortion moments in the history of TV. 

Ultimately, a woman decides whether or not to have an abortion. That choice is exactly what Trump wants to take away. Reversing Roe v. Wade would relegate women to the shadows and make them deal with these complex scenarios in isolation and danger. 

"Jane the Virgin" gets that, which is why they've danced around the topic of abortion during the past two seasons.

We learned that Alba — who is Catholic and pro-life — urged her daughter, Xiomara, to get an abortion when she became pregnant with Jane. Xiomara and Alba also suggested that Jane get an abortion on two occasions: when a doctor first artificially inseminated her and after an ultrasound showed that Mateo could be born with a birth defect.

In both cases, Xiomara and Jane opted to carry their pregnancies to term. However, these instances proved that the the show is staying true to reality. Women often consider abortion when their pregnancies are unplanned — and there's nothing wrong with that.