When I first started watching Jane the Virgin, I quickly fell in love with Jane's abuela, Alba Villanueva. For starters, this was the first time I'd seen an abuela on television who actually resembled mine. Alba only spoke Spanish, had traditional Catholic values, always interjected her opinion, and loved her family fiercely — yup, that all sounded very familiar.

Alba is the matriarch of the Villanueva women. She's strong and isn't afraid to express herself. Here are seven ways she's been keeping it real over the past two seasons. Note: There are definitely some spoilers in here.

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When she talks about sex

Abuela insists people remain virgins until they're married. And while that may not be everyone's intention, she stands firmly behind her beliefs. 


When she gives Xiomara advice

As her daughter, Xiomara is used to hearing her mother's solicited and unsolicited advice. It doesn't matter that she's an adult with a grown daughter of her own, Alba is always there to offer her opinion — whether Xiomara likes it or not. 


When she admits to past mistakes

Xiomara got pregnant with Jane when she was 16 years old. Alba, who is a devout Catholic, later revealed to Jane that she had told Xiomara to get an abortion — a fact that she seriously regretted.

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When she supports Jane's dreams

Jane is an aspiring writer, and despite the fact that she got artificially inseminated, she's still pursuing her dreams. When Jane gets overwhelmed by life and motherhood, she considers not going to grad school. But her mother and grandmother push her back on the right track. 


When she proves her loyalty

Alba is all about her family. She revealed to Xo that she never moved on after her husband passed away out of respect for his love and all that he had sacrificed. Still, Xo assured her that her father would want her to find love again. 


When she got her green card

Since season one, Jane the Virgin has spoken out about the need for immigration reform — even noting that Alba was undocumented. At one point Alba even feared deportation, but fortunately celebrated receiving her green card in a recent episode.


When she loves unconditionally

There are a lot of truly dramatic, novela moments on the show — one of the many reasons why we love it so — but Jane's abuela stands by her family and loves them through thick and thin.