Jane Gloriana Villanueva is officially not a virgin. I repeat, "Jane the Virgin" is a virgin no more.

 The big moment happened between Jane and her husband Michael on Monday night (October 31). Most avid fans knew it was coming since actress Gina Rodriguez Tweeted about the momentous occasion hours earlier.

But what fans weren't expecting (myself included) was the very real and raw way this climactic moment (pardon the pun) was handled.

Jane and Michael's first time together ( and her first time ever) was undoubtedly special, but it was in no way perfect. In an effort to live up to each other's expectations and to make Michael feel comfortable, she ended up faking her orgasm.

 For everyone who can recall their first time, seeing this realistic depiction was super refreshing.

Like many women in Jane's position, she felt the burden of guilt from struggling to orgasm. 

Luckily, Michael works with Jane to address the issue – whatever it may be, as a couple. And although they tried more foreplay, it goes horribly wrong, leading Jane to question the compatibility between her and her husband all together.

Fortunately, Jane's mom steps in as the sexually-liberated voice of reason telling Jane, "With sex it can take time to find your groove and figure out what you like, what you need. You're just starting out. You'll get there." 

Xiomara's wisdom is crucial for Jane and all sexually-active viewers to understand – sex, especially for someone's first time, is rarely seamless. It takes time for people to learn what their bodies like and how they can improve their compatibility with their partners. 

We couldn't agree more!