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Fair warning: "Jane the Virgin" spoilers lie ahead.

If you tuned into the season three premiere of "Jane the Virgin" Monday night (October 17) hoping to catch Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) finally getting it on – you know it didn't happen. I mean, as much as we're all waiting for it to go down, the premiere was not the right time. Considering her new husband, Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) spent the episode recovering from a gunshot wound it is fair to say sexy time can wait.

But we do know we won't have to wait too long. JTV's showrunner, Jennie Urman, previously told Entertainment Weekly that the "big episode" will happen in the first half of the season. Speaking to Marie Claire, Urman added that this upcoming moment in Jane's life will create some significant changes for her. 

"Losing her virginity... she realizes how much of her identity was caught up with being a virgin, and that's a surprise to Jane...So she has to have a bit of a shift," Urman revealed. "She's so much more than that one thing."

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Having sex will make Jane question who she is at her core, including her need to be in control of the elements around her. Jane is a perfectionist who despite her best efforts is constantly realizing that life does not always fall into order as planned. You'd think she'd have realized that after being artificially inseminated, right?

But she still holds out hope for her perfect life, and Urman insists that worldview is going to get shaken up again. "She needs to learn that happily ever after is an evolving notion and it's not a definite finite thing. She needs to have a little more flexibility in terms of what her idea of happiness is and what it looks like."

In addition to making her more aware of who she is and what she values, here our some of our theories on the impacts losing her virginity will have on her.

She'll spend lots of time exploring her new-found hobby and initially, lose some sleep over it.

But assuming she ends up having sex with Michael, chances are the two of them will have a "sex calendar" and her sleep patterns will be restored.

Her romance writing will improve.

As an aspiring romance writer, Jane's had plenty of practice when it comes to dealing with love triangles, but could use some help bringing things to life in the bedroom. Urman points out the changes will help Jane be more relatable, saying "Once she does have sex, certainly as a romance writer, there are things that change for her...her writing becomes a little bit less idealized and more realistic. Still romantic, but realistic."

She'll be kind of annoyed so much pressure was put on the whole situation.

As someone who was raised being told to wait till marriage, I understand the significance of suggesting someone hold out for a special moment. But sometimes these "wait" conversations make sex either sound terrifying or like you'll see magical stars your first time. Jane's in for a rude awakening.

She'll get pregnant – eventually.

Again, I'm assuming Jane and Michael stay together (but I know that can change at any moment) – they have said they want to have kids together. Unless another major surprise is in store, Jane will eventually get pregnant the good ol' fashioned way. 

But when it comes to birth control, chances are Jane will NOT play. She will make contraception a top priority and will get pregnant when she is ready for it and not because of some faulty, unstable gyno.

She'll get horny at non-Jane-approved times.

It's not like Jane hasn't wanted to make love, she's just shown some great self-control. The moment she has sex though, all bets are off. She may find herself wanting some action more frequently, even when the moment doesn't call for it. 

She'll learn there are some details your mom just doesn't need to know about.

Jane and Xiomara have a very close relationship, but the moment Jane starts having sex hopefully some details will remain a mystery between the mother-daughter duo. In this case, some things are better left undiscussed.