Not even Jennifer Lopez is safe from accusations that she's Photoshopped her body.

J. Lo posted THIS picture of her perfectly chiseled abs on Instagram...

... and the post was immediately flooded with claims that she edited her body because of a blur that's on the side of her stomach.

It was so serious, people were arguing with one another about whether or not that was a smudge on the mirror.

There were hundreds of comments identical to this one, where people refused to believe that she's fit AF. They were convinced J.Lo had turned to an app to distort her body.

But Jenny from the block doesn't have time for trolls. She clapped back in a comment which she also put up on her Instagram Story, just to make sure everyone saw it.

jennifer lopez claps back at haters who say she photoshopped her abs
photo: Instagram Stories/jlo

"Omg...Just a smudge on the photoshop. #lordblessthehaters #gymrat #youshouldtryit #wishtherewasphotoshopforthehaters," she wrote.

The hilariously shady hashtags were the cherry on top of her straightforward response, tbh.

Did people forget that this *is* J. Lo we're talking about?

She's posted photos of her rock hard abs in the past.

Receipts have been on the internet (and everywhere else, for that matter) for years now.

She posted this photo three years ago, FYI.

Any and all evidence will show you Lopez has always been in incredible shape. 

Even other celebs have snagged a photo-op with the flawless Latina, and we're pretty sure they weren't Photoshopping her bod.

"Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston shared this photo last year of his frame-worthy moment with J. Lo and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

That's a lot of greatness in one image... and that includes Lopez's abs.

It's almost as if the 47-year-old star actually works out all the time to have that sculpted body. *gasp*

When you're a celebrity — or are incredibly wealthy — you can hire personal trainers and chefs to make sure you're always on your A-game.

So DO NOT come for J. Lo’s abs — or any part of her — because she will set you straight.

Case closed.