Jennifer Lopez is known for her musical talents, acting, judging on American Idol, and — her bootylicious derriere. So it’s no surprise W Magazine would tap on their May cover star's shoulder to do a poetic reading of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 classic, “Baby Got Back.” 

Not only is she the original booty queen, but J.Lo was actually the one to inspire Sir Mix-a-Lot for his popular hit after seeing her as a Fly Girl in the '90s comedy series In Living Color.

“So ladies, if the butt is round, and you want a triple-x throwdown, dial 1-900 Mix-a-Lot, and kick them nasty thoughts,” she reads.

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Even though she kills it, you’ve gotta love her look at the end where her facial expression is basically saying: "Why did I just read that?" Watch the entire clip above, and watch the original song below for a Friday pick-me-up.

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