You can run but you can't hide when you're on live TV, and no one knows that more than Ryan Seacrest. The "E! Red Carpet" host took advantage of that at the 2017 Grammys, where he set the perfect trap to get Jennifer Lopez to discuss rumored bae Drake.  

Seacrest made Lopez comfortable by asking about her insane work schedule and her fabulous Ralph & Russo dress.

In the 24 hours before the Grammys, she'd performed in Vegas and then hopped a plane to film for her new TV show, "World of Dance."

Just when Lopez thought she was in the clear, Seacrest dropped a surprise Drake question.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect, since rumors started swirling last week that #DrakeLo had called it quits for the time being because of their complicated schedules.

"Looking at some of the nominees, I see someone that you know well; Drake, is nominated tonight. I assume you’re rooting for Drake?" Seacrest asked.

"Of course, I love Drake. He’s so brilliant, talented, amazing," Lopez responded. NOTE: She never made eye contact with Seacrest or the camera while answering.

We love how Lopez can barely keep a straight face when she talks about Drake. It makes us believe that #DrakeLo was real.

And it only got better from there because Seacrest's follow-up question — about the record Drake and J.Lo worked on together — was even slyer.

While she was confirming that they indeed spent some time together working on a song, Seacrest interrupted her and went in for the kill by asking if there were any "creative sparks."

"Yes absolutely, and we hung out, we have a great time," she managed to respond in between laughs. "He’s amazing, I have so much love for that boy," she added.

Awww! That was so sweet! If only Drake had been there for Seacrest to boobytrap him, too. At least there's always next time.

Watch Ryan Seacrest get the tea below.