The rumor mill won't stop buzzing about Jennifer Lopez and Drake's alleged romance.

Looking at the receipts, the stars have dropped a lot of clues that they're more than just friends: they go to one another's shows, take sweet selfies together, hit up lavish parties, and reportedly give each other truly insane gifts. Smoke, meet fire.

But neither J.Lo nor Drake has confirmed the relationship... until now. A reporter from "Extra" pressed Lopez about Drizzy — and FINALLY got the truth out of her.

At a promotional event for the upcoming season of Lopez's show "Shades of Blue," J.Lo was confronted about those lovey-dovey Instagram pictures with Drake.

Lopez was asked if the snaps mean that they're working on music together — and she was surprisingly forthcoming with the answer!

“We are – well, we did! We did one song together,” J.Lo said.

YESSS! Get excited!

“I don’t know if we will do more – we will see,” she added playfully.

We're here for it!

This confirmation adds major credence to the theory that the Winter Wonderland-themed prom (where they were first spotted kissing) was the set of a music video.

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But there is still no word on whether or not #DraLo is anything more than a professional relationship, so the couple will only live in our dreams for now.

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Watch Lopez spill the beans below.