The Jennifer Lopez and Drake romance rumors just won't quit. And no matter how journalists try to broach the subject when interviewing Lopez, they are never direct enough to get us the real tea — are they together, or not? 

But on Monday, 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' FINALLY got the answer we've all been wanting — sort of.

Lopez stopped by to promote the new season of her hit show "Shades of Blue."

Noah interviewed her about everything from the success of the show to how it feels to have created an empire, and even grilled her on whether or not she actually lives up to the "Jenny From the Block" title.

The vibe of the whole segment was really flirty, which provided Noah with the perfect set up for the million dollar question.

"I want to know, genuinely, did you get with Drake because you didn't know me yet?," Noah asked.

The crowd went so wild that you almost missed the split second where Lopez looked shook.

"First of all, let me clear this up. I am not with Drake, OK," Lopez responded.

But Noah's over-the-top celebratory reaction kept her from sharing anything else.

It was such a shame because even though Lopez said she's not with Drake, that could just mean they are not together right now. That does not answer whether or not they were together in the past.

We still don't know if all of their meetups and videos of them kissing were strictly professional. The mystery is killing us!

Keep it together in the next interview, Noah! In the meantime, catch the full segment below.