Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez recently came together to raise money for disaster relief, with the help of Marc Anthony.

The special benefit concert, called "One Voice: Somos Live!," featured countless Latin artists in Miami and Los Angeles. It raised funds for Feeding America, Save the Children, Unidos for Puerto Rico, United Way, and UNICEF.

Aside from putting on the event, J.Lo and A-Rod personally raised over $26 million prior to the show.

The concert itself brought in $9 million, but the couple was able to get donations from businesses, sports teams, and entertainment companies for the rest of the millions of dollars.

In a video interview, the singer explains how she worked hand-in-hand with Governor Cuomo just after news broke of the disaster.

"I told him [Cuomo] of my donation and he calls me on the way there and he said he got the MLB and the head of the Yankees to donate this much... Just to have a partner like that – I didn't ask him. I'm from Puerto Rico, this is personal to me, this is my thing. But it was just like, no, it's your thing, it's my thing, too."

Previously, the couple donated to Hurricane Harvey victims.

In an Instagram post, Lopez and Rodriguez announced they'd both be donating $25,000 to the victims of the storm, and also called on others to contribute if they could.

Fans, however, responded that the couple's donations were not as much as they expected.

photo: instagram/jlo

No good deed goes unpunished – but the couple received a warm welcome at their benefit.

"With the disasters and tragedies befalling us almost weekly, and the swirling negativity dividing our country, it was gratifying to see people of all ages, races, and background come together to support and help those in need," Lopez said. "Alex and I were amazed by the amount of love, unity, and donations that were received. And I am personally overcome with gratitude for all the incredible artists and talent who showed up in both Los Angeles and Miami to perform, answer phones or lend their services. While there is still much to do, we are deeply grateful for all that's been done. We are, and will continue to be, one voice."

BONUS! You can still help contribute to the couple's efforts.

Somos Una Voz is still accepting donations that can be made online at  (English) or or by texting SOMOS to 50555.