Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have shown us all it's possible to remain friends with your ex even after a divorce. 

But on Thursday (November 17) at the Latin Grammys things got a little too amicable when the former couple shared a kiss on stage.

Marc Anthony Jennifer Lopez kiss
photo: Getty

The entertainers finalized their divorce in June 2014. Together they share twins Max and Emme.

The moment came after Lopez presented a Person of the Year award to Anthony.

The audience chanted "beso" and the former couple eventually obliged. (You can see it all around the 1:30 mark).

Prior to presenting the award, the singers also performed a passionate duet of the classic Pimpinela song "Olvidame y Pega la Vuelta."

This kiss may not have been that big a deal for Lopez since she's single — Marc on the other hand, is married.

Anthony immediately went into damage control following the smooch saying Lopez is "like his sister."

Now it looks like Anthony is still trying to get himself out of the doghouse because he's turned his kiss with Lopez into a "movement."

Yes, you read that right. He's asking fans to share their kiss and calling it the #besoeffect. 

Not sure that this new movement that focuses on Anthony kissing more people, not less, will help his wife (or anyone) forget HE KISSED HIS EX-WIFE for the world to see. 

At least, fans certainly aren't buying it.

Fans are reminding Anthony, he's got a wife, and it's not J.Lo.

Just because the crowd wanted a kiss, doesn't mean he had to obliged, or that it had to be on the lips!

Also, THIS. Because that moment was hella awkward.

As for his attempt to get his fans to believe his kiss with Lopez meant nothing, yeah, people aren't buying that either.

Hate to break it to you Marc, but you're on your own with this one.