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From Fly Girl to mega superstar, Jennifer Lopez's rise to fame has been inspiring to say the least. She's acted in big feature films, she's become a musical icon, she's designed clothes, launched a ton of perfumes, been a judge on American Idol, and has recently been kicking ass in the NBC cop drama Shades of Blue.

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Say what you want about her films, but chances are you've binge-watched a few of them over the past few years. And why wouldn't you? These films are inspiring. They make us laugh, they make us cry, and make us experience all sorts of feels. Here are 11 Jennifer Lopez movies we can't stop watching — they're that good. 


'Money Train'

The 1995 action film starring Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, and Jennifer Lopez as New York City transit cops centers around Harrelson's character plotting to rob a "money train," which stores money collected from the MTA's system stations. The action is good, but the comedy is what truly sells.



If you're a Selena Quintanilla fan, chances are you've seen the biopic of her life that J. Lo stars in at least 20 times already. That's because her portrayal of the iconic Mexican singer was super on point, which is probably why it landed her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical

"I loved making the movie. I was obsessed with doing a good job. I knew that I had a huge responsibility and I wanted to do great," Lopez told BuzzFeed. "I really just felt like, I need to do this woman's memory justice. And it was a great honor."

'The Wedding Planner'

Okay, for some it was just another romantic comedy, but for us it was the movie where we got to see Jennifer Lopez and the gorgeous Matthew McConaughey fall in love. That scene where he rescues her from getting hit by a car gets us every single time.

'Maid in Manhattan'

Lopez plays Maria Ventura, a hotel maid and single mom from the Bronx. She tries on a socialite and hotel guest's pantsuit and looks so stunning in it a Senatorial candidate falls hard for her. Sure, it's a little corny and cliché, but the love story is so sweet.


The 2002 film Enough gave Lopez the opportunity to show off some badass stunts. She plays Slim Hiller, a terrified wife and mom who learns how to fight in order to battle and escape her crazy abusive husband. The scene where she finally kicks his butt is everything.

'The Cell'

People do not talk about this psychological thriller enough. Lopez plays psychologist Catherine Deane, who creates a virtual reality device that allows her to enter the mind of a serial killer in efforts to discover his victim's location. It's creepy and twisted, but so good.

'Angel Eyes'

The 2001 film centers around a mysterious man who falls for J. Lo's character Sharon Pogue, a police officer. He winds up being the victim of an accident she helped out on a year ago. It's like a romantic comedy and mystery movie all in one.

'Out of Sight'

Another J.Lo movie starring a hot guy, only this time it's George Clooney. The crime movie, which is based on an Elmore Leonard novel, is about a bank robber (played by Clooney) and a federal marshal (played by Lopez) who fall for each other while being locked in a car trunk. The chemistry between these two is off the chain.


This comedy, which also stars Jane Fonda and Michael Vartan, is probably one of Lopez's funniest films. Lopez plays Charlotte, who meets the perfect man — only to find out he comes with a crazy possessive and jealous mother (played by Fonda) who will do anything to destroy her son's new relationship. 

'The Back-Up Plan'

Lopez plays a single woman who becomes proactive about motherhood and conceives twins through artificial insemination only to meet the man of her dreams literally on the same exact day — of course! Things get crazy, but like every good romantic comedy, it all works out in the end.

'El Cantante'

This is a great film that doesn't get enough praise. The movie centers around the life story of salsa legend, Hector Lavoe, played by Marc Anthony (who was Lopez's husband at the time). She plays Lavoe's wife, Puchi, and does an amazing job. Even the soundtrack was on point.