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It seems like every day I hear about a new show that someone is telling me I’ve GOT to check out. With a busy work schedule and trying to maintain some kind of social life, my time is precious, so if I’m adding a new one to my lineup, I feel like it’s got to be good. When I first heard my colleagues talk about how good the new Jennifer Lopez show Shades of Blue is, I was skeptical, wondering if, like many shows with big-name celebrities, the “cool factor” may be in the star and not the show itself. However, after watching the show, I am happy to say that I was definitely wrong. 

I streamed the first two episodes and was pleasantly surprised to find a clever plot line that follows a close-knit group of dirty cops, including Lopez, Ray Liotta, and Drea De Matteo. But when a drop goes wrong, Lopez’s character, Harlee Santos, ends up in the hands of the FBI, and becomes an informant against her team. This cop drama stands out in a heavily saturated market because of the paradox it puts the viewer in — it's hard to pick a side when the lines of good and evil are so strongly blurred. 

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The NBC drama has been picked up for a second season, and you can stream past episodes on If you’re still not convinced, here are six reasons you really shouldn’t sleep on Shades of Blue.