Last Week Tonight With John Oliver finally made Donald Trump its main story on Sunday night. “We can’t believe we’re saying that either,” read part of the video’s description.

Oliver has avoided discussing the Republican candidate up until last night. "At this point, Donald Trump is America’s back mole. It may have seemed harmless a year ago but now that it’s gotten frightenedly bigger, it is no longer wise to ignore it,” he said.

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During the entire show he bashed on Trump and his campaign by systematically breaking down his past phrases and claims. “For a tough guy he has incredibly thin skin,” said Oliver. He mentioned an incident with Spy magazine who called him a “short-fingered vulgarian,” and according to Oliver, “ever since editor Graydon Carter says he receives envelopes from Trump always with a photo on which he circled his hand to highlight the length of this fingers.”

He also urged voters to focus on his policies rather than his brand. But what caught most of our attention was his plea to #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain. And there’s even a hat to show the support! See what else he had to say about Mr. Drumpf in the clip above.

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