Jon Seda was given the amazing opportunity to play the role of Chris Perez in the "Selena" movie, which opened up many doors for him. And besides earning the love of Selena Quintanilla fans, the actor also earned a friendship with the musician he was tasked to emulate. 

Now, we can see the influence Perez has had on Seda, which has manifested itself in the coolest way.

Since Perez was part of Quintanilla's band, Seda's role involved "playing" the electric guitar. However, what you saw in the movie was all smoke and mirrors.

Seda didn't know how to play the instrument that well at all. When the movie zooms in on his hands playing the electric guitar, they actually used Perez!

But now he's working on this skill for real, and shared it with his followers on Instagram. "Long way to go before I sound like my boy @chrispereznow but a guy can dream right?" he captioned the video.

Press play to hear him shred.

He sounds pretty good if you ask us, and Perez agrees. "My man my MAN! Sounding good!" he commented under the post, and the praise didn't stop there.

Perez shared the video of Seda playing with his fans on Facebook. "Check out my boy Jon Seda... kept up with the guitar after playing yours truly (me) in the Selena movie!" he wrote, also sharing that he's planning on visiting his friend soon.

His followers gave Seda their stamp of approval.

And fans in his comments also had an amazing idea. They want Perez and Seda to have a jam session!

That's a video that would definitely make "Selena" movie fans cheer.

Do you want to see Seda and Perez play together? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.