Justin Baldoni has already stolen the hearts of every "Jane the Virgin" fan (as well as every person who follows him on Instagram). But the actor just opened up about feminism, fatherhood, and his new initiative, and it'll make him your #1 boo forever.

Baldoni sat down for a MAKERS interview, where he discussed how important it is to offer more opportunities for women in Hollywood.

"It's not going to change overnight."

Thanks to his mom, Baldoni has had feminist ideals since he was little, but he knows that isn't the case for every man. "You're not going to have an awakening of a billion men who are suddenly going to wake up and everyone is going to be a feminist," he noted.

"What you can do is create a new race of men that are aware of their actions that are respecting women in a new way," he explained.

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The star isn't just sitting idly by, waiting for this change to come. Instead, he's created a new weekly talk show, "Man Enough," that puts a group of men at a table to discuss "what it means to be a man today." This includes issues such as fatherhood, body image, and happiness. 

The show, which will premiere November 28, already has stars like Derek Hough, Matthew McGorry, and more set for the first episode.

Baldoni also takes inspiration from his current role on "Jane the Virgin."

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Baldoni said it's a "very interesting experience to be on a show that's run by women," which includes star Gina Rodriguez and writer Jennie Snyder Urman.

"From top to bottom, it's a show truly about female empowerment... They're giving these young women a chance to build their reels on an award-winning show," he commented. 

His most inspirational role, however, is fatherhood.

“So many things come to mind when you have a daughter born in this world. Just a deep responsibility to let her have a role model of a dad that empowers her to believe that anything is possible, and that she can do anything anyone else can do regardless of whether or not she’s a woman. So I started to go down the path of redefining in my mind what it means to be a man. That means using my platform to both empower women and to show that as a man, I can love my family," he explained.

Baldoni even started his own production company to make sure females stand a chance on screen.

"The entertainment world is run by men," he said. "If you are a female director, chances are you don’t have the credits. But it's not because you’re not good. It’s because you haven’t had the damn chance." That's why the actor's company, Wayfarer Entertainment, only produces content that "makes us want to be better."

On behalf of every woman in the world: THANK YOU, Justin.