Oh, how the mighty have fallen! 

It was only a few weeks ago when Justin Bieber rocked our worlds with his smooth delivery on the remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito." His Spanish sounded seriously on point when he sang the hook, but apparently it was all smoke and mirrors.

The jig was up during an impromptu performance of the song at a New York City club in May, where it was clear that he didn't know any of the Spanish lyrics in the song besides the "des-pa-cito" part.

justin bieber luis fonsi
photo: Splash

Instead of remaining silent, Bieber added insult to injury by throwing around the word "burrito" and lines like, "I don’t know the words so I say poquito. I don’t know the words so I say Dorito. I don’t know the words so I say mosquito."

So disappointing!

Many Latinos were offended and took to social media to drag him to hell and back, and rightfully so.

It was a marked difference from Fonsi, who cut Bieber some major slack over the blunder. "That chorus is not easy to sing, even for fluent Spanish singers like myself," Fonsi told Rolling Stone. "It's got a lot of lyrics, it's kind of tongue-twisty."

It seemed like the singer had learned his lesson when it came to improvising lyrics during his set at the Summerburst Music Festival in Stockholm, Sweden.

Fans begged him to sing the song, but Bieber did not oblige, saying, "I can't do 'Despacito.' I don't even know it."

But that didn't fly over *suave suavecito*, because the next thing Bieber knew, an object launched from the crowd and flew right by his head.

Not OK!

"Don’t throw things at me, please," Bieber responded calmly.

We're glad he didn't retaliate and hope he spends some time learning the words to the song he helped make a global hit.

You can watch the scary moment below.