Justin Bieber is working hard to change his bad boy persona. The 22-year-old is putting the days of DUIs and paparazzi scuffles behind him, telling GQ exactly how he plans to make it up to the world: by making the best music of his life. But that’s not before making one more heartfelt apology, at least that’s we think he was trying to do. 

In a recent interview with the magazine, JB addressed the scandal he and his crew made in Tulum, Mexico, last month, which ended in them being asked to leave the Mayan ruins. Biebs says it all started due to a, “lack of proper signage,” and being unaware where he was allowed to stand and take photos. Oh, he also dropped his pants.

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“Me and my boys have been doing this thing where we moon each other whenever we take a picture," he explained. "So [my friend] went to take my picture, and I mooned him. And I guess [the guards] thought that I was being disrespectful to the site or whatever. That’s not what I was doing.”

He added, "The dudes that were escorting us were like four feet tall, and I just wanted to… The old Bieber came back, and I wanted to smack them around a little bit. But yeah, you know, clarifying that, you know, to the Mayan people or whatever, whoever was…felt any disrespect, I’m truly sorry for that.”

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Mere hours after his GQ interview was pubbed, the Bieb’s took to his Instagram to post this photo, sporting Mexico’s flag as shorts. Um, we think this is a tribute? We suppose we’ll take JB’s apology as sincere, but he definitely could use a little practice. Maybe he should listen to his own song just a few more times.