selena gomez and justin bieber red carpet
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Hold up, are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back on? AGAIN?!

The "Sorry" singer and his famous ex-girlfriend were spotted Friday night sharing a romantic evening at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. An Instagram video shows the Bieb's serenading his former lady with a piano-accompanied rendition of "My Girl" by the Temptations. The adorable sighting comes shortly after an interview with US Weekly where Justin talked about his friendship with the "Good for You" singer. 

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"I think we didn’t really know what we were doing," he told the magazine about his relationship with Gomez. "[We were] young and we kinda just invested too much of ourselves into each other."

Preach, Biebs. We can all relate. Relationships are tricky and so are the friendships that sometimes come post-relationship. In fact, here are nine struggles anyone who has ever been friends with an ex can totally feel.


He falls back in love

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And you don't. So awkward . . .


You fall back in love

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And he doesn't. Even worse. 


New relationships could get awkward

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Like if your new bae asks whether or not you still talk to your ex.


The chances of a post-breakup hookup are high

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Spending lots of time together will likely rekindle old memories and old feelings. 


You could remember why you broke up in the first place

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Have you ever tried to talk to an ex about why you broke up? It can get ugly.

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You could end up majorly bored

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Sometimes all that exes end up having in common is their past relationship. 


You could end up back together

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Which may or may not be a good idea. 


You could miss out on a new relationship

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Whether your realize it or not, being friends your ex could potentially stop you from getting to know other people.


It could leave you totally confused

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All the mixed signals might be more complicated than the breakup itself.