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Justin Bieber's gone on quite the tour this summer — and we're not talking about his Purpose World Tour. Over the past few months, Biebs has been spotted with one new lady after another, in hotspots ranging from Miami to London to Hawaii. But who's just a galpal and who has the potential to be his next girlfriend? Let's explore how Bieber's summer of love has gone down so far. 

Nicola Peltz

The "Sorry" singer enjoyed dinner with the "Bates Motel" star at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills back in May. Onlookers said the two looked quite "serious." Ha, good try. While others reported that the two were really into one another, their relationship doesn't seem to have gone very far at all. 

Romantic relationship status: Better luck next time. 

Rita Ora

So much for Peltz and Bieber's "serious" date. Just about a week after their night out, Bieber linked up with Rita Ora to party in L.A. The 25-year-old singer previously dated Calvin Harris, and there were actually rumors swirling that Bieber was part of the reason she and Harris called it quits in 2014 Biebs and Ora's outing happened right around Taylor Swift and Harris' breakup, so were these two just pouring salt on an open wound? I hope not. And considering Bieber basically zippered his sweater up to cover his face when leaving the club, I'm thinking he was attempting to play coy. Either way, it looks like nothing but a good time came out of Bieber and Ora's night out. 

Romantic relationship status: Friends with maybe occasional benefits.

Alexandra Rodriguez

After Bieber was seen on a yacht with Rodriguez last month, TMZ dubbed the Puerto Rican model, "Selena 2.0," after Selena Gomez of course. But we're not buying it: While the Boricua is gorgeous, the fact is all Latinas don't look the same and she definitely doesn't need to be compared to his ex. One thing is for sure — their Miami fling didn't have the staying power Bieber and Gomez once had.

Romantic relationship status: No hay nada que ver.

Sahara Ray

Bieber bared it all (literally) when he enjoyed a getaway with friends and rumored galpal Sahara Ray in Hawaii earlier this month. The 23-year-old model and swimwear designer joined Bieber in ditching her clothes during their fun-filled vacation. Nothing came from their exhibitionist romance, so we're calling the boyfriend, girlfriend rumors BS.

Romantic relationship status: Non-existent (like their clothes).

Sofia Richie

The relationship (and I'm using that term very lightly) between Bieber and Richie has been a bit controversial. The daughter of singer Lionel Richie is only 17 years old, making her quite a few years younger than 22-year-old Bieber. When the pop star's fans came for Richie, he got all defensive, eventually deleting his Instagram account (although some of that was likely due to his war of words with former flame Gomez). Now in any other circumstance, I may consider that an act of love, defending his girlfriend to the max. But, Bieber's previously made it clear that his fans can be draining as hell, so he may have just used the Richie backlash as an out. Who knows. 

Romantic relationship status: Complicated.

Bronte Blambied

Just a week after Bieber's Instagram drama with Richie, he was seen with yet with another lady, model Bronte Blambied. The two were spotted out in London, partying it up on Saturday (August 20). Blambied seems to be connected to two of Bieber's lady loves. She was in Hawaii with him just a couple weeks ago with Sahara Ray and friends, and she's apparently buddies with Sofia Richie. So maybe she's not a boo thing at all, and just being a good friend and keeping tabs on the Biebs.

Romantic relationship status (we think): Spying for a friend.