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We never thought we’d see the day where Justin Timberlake would be proudly holding up a portrait of la Virgen de la Guadalupe. While J.T. isn’t actually a secret Latino, we can thank Belinda for this adorable Instagram photo.

While the two international pop stars were off promoting their new animated movie Trolls together, the Mexican singer/actress, who’s also starring alongside Zac Efron and The Rock in the new Baywatch film, gave J.T. a beautiful portrait of La Virgen de la Guadalupe as a memento of their time together. Belinda captioned the IG snap by saying, “Un placer compartir este proyecto con alguien tan talentoso, espero que el recuerdo que llevas de México llene de alegría tu corazón @justintimberlake.”

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Hmm, maybe this sweet gesture will inspire a Belinda and J.T. Spanish duet in the future. We can dream, can’t we?