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Artists are trying to be so very creative about releasing an album these days. It's as if record companies have told their clients that they can't just say "new album drops October 12" or whatever. There has to be build up, because without the build up, excitement, and buzz, what's the point, right? We've seen it time and time again, artists trying to be slick about their new project. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's just tiring. We're looking at you, Kanye West

Remember when Taylor Swift posted Polaroid-type pictures on Instagram before the release of her album 1989? Or how about when Beyoncé simply released her fifth, self-titled album in December of 2013 without prior announcement or promotion? That release was pure perfection. 

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And yet West is on his own weird trip with his new album. Not only does he have no filter when it comes to news about his latest project, or about anything for that matter, but he simply can't make up his mind. Is there so much back and forth because, as he proclaims, this will be the best album ever of all time?? Let's rephrase: "This is not album of the year. This is album of the life." Yes, of life!

Oh boy . . .

Now what . . . ?

Come again?

He's not kidding. 

Now he's just messing with us

Why is he making this process so damn difficult? And DRAINING?!

The Life of Pablo

West just announced the name of his new album will be The Life of Pablo.  Who the hell is Pablo? Perhaps he is ripping a page from Radiohead's Pablo Honey? Who knows!

But wasn't the album going to be called 'Waves'?

Well, it was. Then Wiz Khalifa got involved. But it's all good now. 

He should have stuck with his first option

Sure Swish sounded funny at first, but if we knew it was going to be this blown up, we should have just given him loads of props and let well enough alone. 

Naturally Kim Kardashian got involved, too

Because if you're going to be indecisive, it's good to have support.  

Aside from this album being life, what can we expect?

Ahhhh, this all makes sense now. Well, sort of. 

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You can listen to the album tonight!

Except there's one issue. 


But wait! There's still an inkling of hope!

Perhaps his runway show will feature new tracks?

Check out the livestream of Yeezy season 3!