photo: Christine Stoddard/Vivala

If Kanye West wanted attention, he got it. In his never-ending quest to be the topic of conversation, he screened the NSFW music video for "Famous" last night. And all of the celebs included on the set's huge bed are buck naked — even Taylor Swift. 

TMZ reports, "Kanye West just blew the minds of thousands of people at The Forum in Inglewood, and he's about to blow yours with these images of naked people in the same bed...and he insists it's the real deal."

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photo: Tidal

The video, which you can now stream on Tidal, is shot like a sex tape. TayTay lies among Donald Trump, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, and other famous faces (among other body parts.)

The first question is, how many of these celebs are real and how many are impersonators or wax likenesses? If the blonde lying by Kanye in the video is indeed Swift, she can kiss her long-held "squeaky clean" reputation good-bye. The second question about "Famous" is, Could Kanye face legal repercussions?

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West knows the video is controversial, but that was the point. If this tweet is any indication, he's not only ready for the backlash — he's egging everyone on:

They very well might, Kanye. Just you wait.