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I don't claim to be clairvoyant or psychic, but one thing I do know really well is anything Kardashian-Jenner-related. It's one of my many talents. So as the new year approaches, I'm making a few predictions for this ambitious and controversial family. In 2015, the klan struck major gold. What else could they possibly accomplish? Lots, actually. So, let's get started!


The year of Rob Kardashian

Rob has been working on himself in more ways than one. Although we haven't really seen much progress due to his self-imposed seclusion, in 2016 Rob will come out of his shell and reveal his true self to the world! Not only will he be the businessman he's always dreamed of becoming, but people will be talking about him left and right. Not sure how Kim will feel about this, but it's Rob's turn to shine. 


Khloé will have a baby!

It's no secret that Khloé has been wanting a baby for awhile. She's a great aunt, and in 2016 Khloé will be preggers! She won't reveal who the father is, but the public will hardly care – mostly because Khloé will be happier than ever. 


And Kylie, too!

Next year, two Kardashian sisters will be pregnant – Khloé and Kylie. We know Tyga is the father, but will the relationship withstand this new pregnancy? Probably not. 


Kourtney + Justin

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This hot duo, who was rumored to be dating at the end of 2015, will go public in a major way. Justin Bieber has noticed how well Kimye has progressed these past few years, and he wants some of that Kardashian love, too. But we're not sure everyone will be pleased with this news. 

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Scott Disick's downard spiral gets worse

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Once Scott gets word that his ex and the Biebz are truly a pair, he will lose his sh*t, Brittany Spears-style. 


Kendall gets a life (in the form of a boyfriend)

After two years of nonstop runway and magazine cover action, Kendall will make some spare time for a little bit of romance. It was rumored that she was dating Nick Jonas, but that was PR talk. In 2016, she will make a splash with a new man in her life. But who will it be???? Let's leave this one in the "surprise" category.. 

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Caitlyn starts dating, too!

When Caitlyn sees Kendall happy as a clam with her new man, she will want to do the same. It will be very controversial, whomever she chooses to date, but she will venture into new territory either way. 

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Kris Jenner goes on a sabbatical

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Kris is tired of the verbal abuse that she gets from her family, so in 2016 she will go away! Kris will go off the grid and not tell anyone where she is – not even her BF, Cory. This news will create a lot of drama within the family, but Kris knows exactly what she is doing. Upon her return, everyone will want the exclusive with Kris about her trip. Where did she go? What did she do? Whom was she with?! Thankfully for us, Kris had a camera crew with her, which will then become her new E! series. 


The babes

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The next move for the Kardashian babies is to become the faces of the Kardashian children's line, naturally. Since they are the inspiration, why not profit off of their lovely faces? Though, let's be real, North's contract will be the highest for any kid model in the world. She wouldn't expect anything less. 


Kim's main goal for 2016 is . . .

Last, but definitely not least, Kim. The girl has her own app, emojis, website, hair products, fashion lines, makeup tutorials, games, and she's done some acting. But 2016, she will do something that no one will expect. You might be familiar with her very first single "Jam (Turn It Up)," and you might think that it sucked (okay, it sort of did.) However, in the coming year, Kim will release the song of the summer – produced by her genius husband, Kanye West. And yes, it will actually be very, very good. But it won't be released under her name, because she'd get flack for it regardless of the quality. No, this secret Kanye single will have an anonymous artist attached to it. But once the whole world makes this single No. 1 internationally, the truth will be revealed. It's Kim behind that track – her first single was just a hoax to make people think she wasn't very good. But, surprise . . . she is! And nothing will ever be the same. 

See you next year!