The Kardashians are taking over yet another TV network, at least for the moment. Khloé Kardahsian took over hosting duties for Ellen DeGeneres on the latest episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (airing today), and in true Kardashian fashion, things got, well, interesting.

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“While you're here . . . I have a favor," DeGeneres asked the reality star, who seemingly thought she was appearing on the show as a guest. "The favor is if you would just take over the show for me today?"

When the 31-year-old agreed, DeGeneres then reintroduced herself as her awkward, yet hilarious, alter ego, Karla Kardashian, before letting Kardashian take over.

To help her out with her hosting duties, Khloé called up her sister Kourtney Kardashian, and the two played a game via FaceTime before Khloé showed off her dance moves to the audience.

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While this was fun, we definitely hope the Kardashians stick with their reality show. The drama is far more interesting to keep up with.

What did you think of Khloé's hosting skills?

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