Judging by the amount of money Kat Von D just dropped on her new Los Angeles home, we'd say business is booming for the makeup maven. 

According to Trulia, Kat paid $6.5 million for a three-story Victorian home in the Los Angeles suburb, Hancock Park.

Previously, she owned a Spanish-style home in the Hollywood Hills.

Does is look familiar?

It was the same home used in the 2003 family comedy, "Cheaper By the Dozen" starring Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt.

Totally the same kitchen — though it is hard to tell with all those kids everywhere.

photo: 20th Century Fox

And it is a serious upgrade from her last — her new digs has 11 bedrooms and 10 baths in comparison to her previous 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath property.

Kat's known to add a gothic touch to her homes and wardrobe, but it's clear this place already has some of that mysterious charm she's drawn to.

Hand-carved walls give the hidden bar room a unique quality and the secret exterior door is perfect for entertaining.

While the bar won't get much use, as she's been sober for 9 years now, it still looks cool nonetheless. 

The 12,565 square foot property, has more than enough room for her to curl up with a book, run around with her cats, or spend hours sketching.

And would you look at this pool! It's what summer days were made for.

As a classically trained musician, she'll have plenty of space to store her instruments and have proper jam sessions.

Though Kat could be making family plans she hasn't told us about, she very well could be getting ready to invite over a bunch of her fans.

TBH, we're definitely hoping for the latter.