Kelly Osbourne
photo: Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne really effed up this time! Osbourne wound up making a pretty offensive remark this morning on The View in a valiant attempt to address Donald Trump's controversial statements about Latino immigrants — you know, when he referred to Mexicans as criminals and rapists. "If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?" Um, thanks Kelly? We're still shaking our heads in disbelief over here.

Co-hosts Raven Simone and Rosie Perez immediately jumped in and said: "There's more jobs than that in the country for Latinos and Latinos are not the only people who clean toilets." At this point Osbourne recognized what came out of her mouth and backtracked: "You know I didn't mean it like that. I'm not part of this argument."

Perez seems to believe that this was just a careless moment and in a weird twist even apologized to Osbourne on Twitter.

Osbourne was genuinely trying to defend Latino immigrants, but the comment came off as ignorant. It's ironic considering just a few months ago she practically disowned her Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic for making tasteless comments about Zendaya's dreadlocks. 

We get it, Osbourne was trying to imply that Trump relies on the very same undocumented Latinos he insulted. But out of all the things she could have said, was toilet cleaners really the only thing that came to mind?!

The number of Latinos living in America keeps increasing. Right now our population is estimated at 55 million and growing. We've made so many strides in this country, this could have been Osbourne's chance to highlight that. Here are six things we wish she would have said in our defense instead:

  1. America has always been Latino: According to the 2011 Census Bureau, one of every six people in the United States in Hispanic and our culture can be traced here back over 500 years when states like California, Mexico, Florida, and areas of the southwest were discovered by Spanish explorers.
  2. We have redefined and reshaped this country's culture: Folks like Trump don't realize the crucial role Latinos have played in America's socioeconomic, political, and cultural development even way before America secured their independence from Britain in 1776. In fact, during the American Revolutionary War guess who helped send gunpowder, rifles, bullets, blankets, and other supplies to the armies of General George Washington? Bernardo de Galvez, governor of the Louisiana Territory, along with reinforcements from Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
  3. We fought in the Civil War: You don't often read about this, but an estimated 20,000 Latinos helped fight in the Civil War from the first battle in Fort Sumter to the last in Palmito Ranch, Texas.
  4. We wouldn't know about dinosaurs: The question of what caused dinosaurs to become distinct would have remained unanswered if it wasn't for physicist, Luis Alvarez's theory on the asteroid that destroyed them 65 million years ago.
  5. We made baseball what it is today in America: Let's be honest, baseball in this country wouldn't be the same without the Latino influence. Some of the best MLB players of all time have been Latinos, such as Roberto Clemente, Sammy Sosa, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, and Mariano Rivera just to name a few.
  6. Our cuisine has become an integral part of American culture: Believe it or not, tortillas and salsa outsell burgers, hot dogs, and ketchup in America. And that's because Latin food has become as American as apple pie. Consumer research predicts that Hispanic foods and beverages will reach an $11 billion market by 2017.

UPDATE: Kelly Osbourne recently released this statement on Facebook.