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Everyone and their mother is still talking about Beyoncé's new visual album Lemonade, but if you have any questions about it Kelly Rowland is probably not the person you want to ask. She recently had an interview with WGN-TV Chicago on Tuesday, that got painfully awkward after reporters decided to overwhelm her with questions about her childhood friend and former Destiny's Child group-mate

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Rowland who is currently working as the spokesperson for Claritin, was asked zero questions regarding her recent partnership. Mind you, that's what the interview was supposed to be about. Did the reporters forget why she was there? How could they, Rowland had sunflowers and a box of the allergy medication sitting right behind her for crying out loud. Come on people! But reporters clearly didn't get it and immediately started asking her if she had any new music coming out, and then went in for the kill by asking her about Lemonade.

"Talking about new music, all the talk this week has been about Beyoncé's new album. Have you heard it yet?" asks Dean Richards. "Have you had an opportunity to get some thoughts on the whole thing?"

Rowland's short and vague response should have hinted out to him that she didn't actually want to talk about it.

"I sure have. It's great. It's absolutely great," she says with what looked like a forced smile on her face.

But of course he goes on to ask: "Really different though, right?"

Rowland pauses and stares blankly at the screen and right before Dean gets a chance to ask yet another Lemonade related question, she shuts him down immediately getting back to why she was even there to begin with. 

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"But getting back to what I'm here to talk about, Claritin. I'm very excited to be teaming up with Claritin and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We are actually getting to the whole building faze, rebuilding faze of the outdoor facilities that they have," she says. "And the Boys & Girls Club of America do such wonderful work nationwide and that's been really exciting for me this year as well as everything else I'm doing."

They thanked Rowland for joining them and that was literally it. No questions on the Boys & Girls Club, what they do, and absolutely no questions about her partnership with Claritin. It's almost as if they were taking advantage of the fact that they had this interview opportunity with her, just to ask questions about Lemonade. And that "Really different though, right?" question was clearly an attempt to get Rowland to say something juicy about the album. Seriously, how annoying is that?

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We absolutely understand all the hype around Lemonade, but Rowland has a lot going in her own life right now. Not only is she working with Claritin and the Boys & Girls club, hosting her own BET show, Chasing Destiny, where she's discovering the next big girl group, but she also revealed that she's currently working on her next album. Plus, the woman is a wife and a mom too. She has better things to do than to get on live television and talk about her bestie's work. Probing her about the juicy details from Lemonade when she was there to talk about her own shit, just isn't right. Funny thing is the folks over at WGN know that because they say that at the intro of the clip, before Rowland even appears. And yet they still wasted her time. Kudos to Rowland for gracefully putting those reporters in their place, like the classy chick that she is.

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