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One of the reasons Khloé Kardashian is our favorite Kardashian is because she always tells it like it is. She's blunt, honest, and straightforward. Even when she makes a brutally truthful comment, you know it's coming from a place of love. So it's kind of odd that she would have to explain her recent lengthy post on Instagram. 

In two IG posts, Kardashian wrote about a real kind of love that just cannot flourish because of someone's brokenness. Of course, people rushed to assume she was talking about Lamar Odom. Not that it's a far-off assumption, but even still these posts can be about a number of people in her family. Check them out below. 

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"Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care about someone anymore. It's just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself." Letting go with love takes great strength. We have to learn to stop taking on peoples problems as if they are our own. Loving people does not mean we have to carry their burdens and confusions on our back. Sadly, You can only express your opinion on a situation. You can't want their life more than they do. This is in fact their life to figure out on their own and in their own time. I do believe in timing. I do believe timing is everything. You forcing your beliefs and dreams down ones throat is only going to cause resentment and possibly manifest deeper issues. Possibly to the point of no return. "People say time heals all wounds... I say time heals wounds but scars are left to remind you what you have been through and what you survived." Stop shattering your own heart by trying to make a relationship (friend, family, partner) work that clearly isn’t meant to work. We have to stop trying to repaint people's colors. We have to learn to believe the love we AREN'T given. You can't love someone into loving you. (God I wish it were that easy) You can’t force someone to be loyal, kind, understanding. You can’t force someone to be the person you need them to be. Even if it's for their own good!! Sometimes the person you want most is the person you’re best without. ???????? You have to understand... some things ARE supposed to happen in your life, but they just are NOT meant to be. Damn... It took me so many years to understand that. Don’t lose yourself by trying to fix what’s meant to stay broken. God always has a plan even if we can't understand it (or don't want to understand it) Even in the darkest of places... Our Lord sees His vision. We might not understand it at the moment but I promise you, your future will always bring understanding and clarity of why things didn’t work out. Don’t put your happiness on hold for someone (family, friend, partner) who isn’t holding on to you. "A Girl once told me… Be careful when trying to fix a broken person. For you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces."

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As you can see, she really went in "deep," and she said so on Twitter: "Every now and then I post a message with a long caption because I'm speaking from my heart. I know it gets lengthy but I feel the message is important to get across for ME. I don't write these about anyone per say[sic] but they are feelings," she tweeted. 

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She went on to say that she doesn't always post things she'd want to because "people are so critical" and read more into it then what she's actually saying. She even threatened to erase those IGs for fear of being judged. She goes on to say that writing, for her, is therapeutic, and is just a form of expression.

However, as soon as people started deciphering her words she tweeted: "Don't read too deep into things. This is crazy lol everything gets turned into something else. SMH."

Well, one of the reasons people might read too deep into something is because you just said you went in "deep" so people are doing the same . . . 

Either way, Kardashian shouldn't have to explain who she writes about or why she posts what she does. It's clear that Kardashian has a number of complex family members, ex-lovers, and tumultuous relationships, so we can all speculate who her posts are about just as if our own friend posted "inspirational quotes."

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Girl, there's no need to clear things up. Let Instagram do that for you.   

Do you think Khloé needs to explain who her IG posts are about?

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