Kim Kardashian made a problematic decision last week when she dropped a prayer candle with her face on it as part of her 420 Kimoji merch drop. The move to align herself with such a major staple in the Catholic community left many fans scratching their heads or downright offended. 

But if you think she is going to be apologizing any time soon, this new outfit suggests that you shouldn't hold your breath.

On top of taunting critics who had her social media feeds in shambles by posting that her candle was almost sold out and to expect more from this collection...

"DON'T SLEEP ON THE KIM CANDLE. ALMOST SOLD OUT. MORE FROM THIS COLLECTION COMING SOON," the caption read in all caps just in case you thought she was kidding.

Kardashian stoked the flames of her critics by stepping out onto the L.A. streets in a black mesh dress layered over nude underwear that wouldn't make you bat a lash from far away...

kim kardashian virgin mary
photo: Splash

Naked looks have become a Kardashian after all.

That is until closer inspection, and finding that right in the middle of her chest was an image of the Virgin Mary, complete with a bedazzled frame.

kim kardashian virgin mary
photo: Splash

According to Check the Tag, the dress is a vintage Dolce and Gabbana piece from their spring 1998 collection.

So for anyone who thought that the candle was just a bad idea, this may prove that the product drop was no accident.

kim kardashian
photo: Splash

If Kardashian is just trolling the world, she's being very thorough about it.

Still no word on what the candle has to do with weed culture.

The world may never know.