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Kim Kardashian West has had some crazy things written about her in the media over the years. She rarely takes time to dispute rumors, but there's one story Kardashian will not let fly by unchecked. 

Kardashian and her lawyers are suing the website (MTO) and its founder Fred Mwangaguhunga for libel.

TMZ reported on Tuesday (October 11) that Kardashian filed a federal lawsuit against the site over three stories that claimed she had faked her Paris robbery, in which $10 million worth of jewels were stolen from her. One of those stories even alleged there was evidence she had "staged" the robbery. 

The suit stated:

“MTO and its owner Mwangaguhunga published several Articles on their website (the ‘Website’), in which they claimed, without any factual support whatsoever, that Kardashian faked the robbery, lied about the violent assault, and then filed a fraudulent claim with her insurance company to bilk her carrier out of millions of dollars. Defendants’ malicious publication of the Articles, which paint the victim of a serious crime as a criminal herself, is libelous per se.” 
The suit also noted that if Kardashian had "staged" the robbery,that means she would have "committed a federal crime by engaging in insurance fraud.”

Kardashian asked the site to retract the stories and issue an apology (the story did not state how much money she is seeking in damages). Entertainment Tonight reports that the stories singled out in the lawsuit now read "Removed Story," but MediaTakeOut has yet to issue a comment about the suit.

While Kardashian continues to stay under the radar, some fans are actually standing by and voicing their skepticism as well.

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Don't think you want to ask for all that... 

But there are others who definitely have her back.

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Since the October 2 robbery, Kardashian has kept a low profile, but this lawsuit makes it clear she's keeping close tabs on what's being discussed about her.

Her sister Khloé has been the first to really speak out on her sister's well-being, telling Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show on Tuesday, that Kim is "not doing that well" after her "traumatic" experience.