Kim Kardashian Stephanie Shepherd
photo: Splash

On the surface, being Kim Kardashian's assistant seems like one hell of a fun job. You get to travel all over the world, stay in the nicest hotels, and definitely rub elbows with some seriously famous people. 

For the task, Kardashian has Stephanie Shepherd; personal assistant turned BFF. Shepherd makes the job look hella glamorous, but behind the scenes we know being Kim's assistant must take a lot of hard work. 

After scouring Shepherd's and Kardashian's Instagram accounts, here's what we imagine it takes to really be Kim K's go-to woman. 

You have to have dope photography skills.

Learn the good angles, how to working the lighting, and always catch that highlight.

Be ready to fight off a creepy prankster (or fan) in a moment's notice.

Must be able to handle working, while you play.

It's all a blur anyway. 

Long arms are a necessity.

Crucial for those selfie ops.

When the boss says be silly, you act silly.

You're always in charge of the late night runs.

Of course pre-flight pizza pick-ups (in heels) are a must.

And then obviously you've got to be willing to eat all the leftovers so your boss can stay on her strict diet.

Seriously @steph_shep thanks for always having my back and eating all my left overs so they don't go to waste!

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That passport has always got to be on deck.

Ready to fly off to a distant country at a moment's notice. 

The death stare must be mastered; warding off all trouble makers.

When it comes to sleep, you got to sneak it in when you can.

Of course, you're expected to be a ride or die, literally.