Kourtney Kardashian is setting the record straight about her and ex boyfriend Scott Disick. The reality star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and, according to a promo clip for the episode that airs today, DeGeneres addresses the relationship.

Though Kardashian confirmed that the two are “not together,” they were “totally getting along.” “We have three beautiful kids together,” she said. “He’s family.”

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Since her very public split from Disick, which has played out on E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the pair has sparked rumors of being back on after being seen out together on several occasions. But it seems that Kardashian and her former beau are simply getting along, proving that it’s possible for relationships to evolve — and sometimes this can turn out to be even better.

Here are seven benefits of having an ex that’s more like family.


You can ask for favors

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From moving to dog sitting, you can count on this person to help you out with the things your BFF might cringe at.


They can sympathize about your crazy family

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Let's be real. Your mom probably drove your ex mad a few times in the past, too. Only this time around, they can actually agree with you.


You have someone who will tell it like it is

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If you survived a breakup and are still super tight, there's nothing you and your ex can't talk about honestly. 

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They've already seen you at your worst

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Breakups can be dramatic, so we're pretty sure your ex has already seen you go a little cray. If you and your former flame still made it through to becoming close friends, you can bet a little tantrum isn't going to push them away now.


They can help you mature

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If you and your ex made it through all the post-breakup drama and into genuine friendship territory, chances are you both learned a lot about patience, compromise, and communication along the way. And for that you've definitely got to thank them.


They know how to make you laugh

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Surely their sense of humor is one of the things you liked about them in the first place. 


There's no more pressure

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And hopefully a lot less stress for the both of you.