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It couple Kylie Jenner and Tyga have reportedly called it quits. From Tyga's "Kylie" tattoo on his forearm to their cute Snapchat vids, we're wondering what went wrong. Maybe they went too fast? Perhaps he cheated on her? We don't know, but everyone is saying that Kylie dumped him on his birthday. While he was out and about celebrating his 26th, she was no where to be seen and neither was anybody else from the Kardashian clan, for that matter. Sure, Kylie is a super busy gal and was probably promoting her brand, but there was even radio silence across all her social media accounts. Kendall Jenner on the other hand posted a rather vague but interestingly timed photo on her Instagram. People have assumed that her pic was directed towards Tyga, and it would definitely make sense, but who really knows?

One thing we can agree on is that breaking up with someone on their birthday is kinda harsh. If you're over your beau and ready to cut your losses — here are eight ways to NOT break the news.

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Over text

Really? Calling them would even be slightly better, but just do it face-to-face. Double-negative points if you do text and do it through emojis — ugh!


Through a friend

Don't put your poor friend through that. If you're calling it quits, you've got to be the bearer of bad news. 


On a holiday

Sure, maybe you just can't wait any longer, but strongly consider laying low until the holiday is over. That way you avoid hurting them twice as bad and save yourself from looking like the person who was too cheap to stay in a relationship in order to not get them a gift or hang with their family. 


On their birthday

Inspired by the whole Kylie and Tyga breakup, try not to do it on their birthday. It's their day to celebrate and enjoy getting through another year in this tough world. Just a couple of days before or after and you're totally in the clear.


Through a breakup site

If you're using a company like The Breakup Shop, we only have one thing to say: Nope.

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Through a post-it note

If Sex and the City taught us anything, it's that being broken with via post-it note sucks.


Across social media

You don't have to put it on blast like that. You'll come off looking angry and bitter, unless that's what you were going for. 


When you're drunk

It's not a good idea to do 95% of things when you're drunk — breakups included.