For many of us, the past few days have been a real struggle, knowing that Donald Trump is going to be President of the United States. 

As a Latino, it's easy to feel hopeless at a time like this, but these 14 celebrities remind us to not get lost in our despair. They remind us that now, more than ever, it's time to fight for what we truly believe in.


Lin-Manuel Miranda agrees that Trump's victory is a setback.

But we have to be optimistic that all is not lost, and continue the fight against injustice that we've started.


Gina Rodriguez hopes that despite our anger, we fight back with positivity instead.


America Ferrera is encouraging everyone to get out and volunteer.

Make a difference where it counts.


Stephanie Beatriz echoes a similar sentiment as Ferrera, pushing for us all to do our part.


Andrea Navedo is reminding us all that the strongest response we can have is to love one another.


Rosario Dawson joked that she'd run in 2020.

But all jokes aside, she really wants to see people mobilize towards real change.

Her feed also includes useful and informative links about next steps. 


Jorge Ramos is looking for inspiration from great leaders of the past.


With all the bullying and hate that's coming forward, John Leguizamo is reminding us all to take a much-needed stand.


As an immigration advocate, Diane Guerrero is adamant that we stay conscious of any immigrant abuses taking place, and donate when possible.


Jackie Cruz is trying to mobilize people to get electors to vote for Hillary Clinton in states where Donald Trump won.

Learn more about that here.


Selenis Leyva is finding peace in such an emotionally trying time.


Michelle Rodriguez is searching for a middle ground between both parties.


Aimee Carrero is being a boss; donating to charities on behalf of the Trump-loving trolls taking up space in her feed.

More power to ya, girl.


And Kat Von D may not have encouraging words at the moment, but she pretty much summed up our thoughts perfectly.