A lot of us are licking our wounds today after the upsetting defeat of Hillary Clinton. Given the racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigoted tone of Donald Trump's campaign, learning that he'll be our next president is a tough (and scary) pill to swallow. 

For many Latinx celebs who stood by Clinton's side, this outcome has not been easy, but many are choosing to look to the bright side.

Lin-Manuel Miranda acknowledged the grieving state of many Americans, but encouraged us to press forward in the new day.

Then he passed on some very important mami-wisdom.

Wilmer Valderrama called for people to stand united so we can rebuild.

Demi Lovato expressed genuine fear about how Trump's presidency will impact the younger generation.

Angie Martinez is in a daze like the so many of us.

Rosario Dawson insisted she's not moving anywhere and is going to continue to fight the good fight in the U.S.

America Ferrera found the silver-lining. She pointed out that racist Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio did not win re-election. An example that hate and bigotry ultimately will not prevail.

Zöe Saldaña reminded us to stick together and that the president doesn't have to define us all.

John Leguizamo initially echoed many of our fears.

Then he took to his Instagram to offer us a look at the good that did come out of the election.

Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero showed the grief we're all feeling.

Melissa Fumero put out a request we can all stand behind; to be proved wrong and realize this just might not be, the end of the world.