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TA-DA! How flawless does Laverne Cox look as Dr. Frank-N-Furter for The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake?! According to Entertainment Weekly, straying away from the identical look of the sexually fluid transsexual was purposely done and executed by Tony-winner costume designer William Ivey Long. Of course it's hard not compare the look to the OG Tim Curry, but rest assured Cox is serving major face and has us on the edge of our seats for her performance. Living up to the 1975 classic comes with its pressures, but Cox is proving that she's up to the challenge. "I get tweets from people, ‘Please don’t f— up Rocky Horror Picture Show! I showed my brother pictures of me in character and he was like, ‘You were preparing your whole life for this,’ ” Cox told Entertainment Weekly. 

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The show hasn't even aired yet and Cox has already been on the receiving end of praise like she looks like the "love child" of Grace Jones and David Bowie — and, honestly, we have to agree. But outside of the surprising sneak peek of her appearance, Cox has also revealed that she's been working on her chest voice. She said, "

As a trans woman with a low voice, I had been so afraid of those low tones. This is a character where it’s absolutely appropriate that I sing in the base baritone register that I have. What’s also fun is playing with those higher notes in my register too. This is sort of my professional singing debut. But it’s been wonderful claiming my chest voice. It’s been really healing.”
Cox's hard work intro transforming into such a legendary character has us SO READY. She'll also be joined by other fierce women —  Christina Milian (Magenta), Annaleigh Ashford (Columbia), and Victoria Justice (Janet) — so you know it's gonna be good. 

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