Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar López Rivera has been one of the longest-serving political prisoners of the United States, for over three decades — and now, he's going to be a free man.

On Tuesday, January 17, president Barack Obama granted clemency to 209 individuals — López Rivera being one of them.

POTUS has given the most commutation grants in the nation's history — 1,385 to be exact.

In 1981, López Rivera was sentenced to 70 years in prison for "seditious conspiracy" against the US.

After spending 35 years behind bars, he will now be released in May 2017.

After news broke, people celebrated and shared their support for the decision.

Senator Bernie Sanders has been actively vocal about the need for the president to pardon López Rivera.

Hands down one of the best responses to the announcement came from none other than award-winning playwright, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

After asking Obama about this case and the petition for López Rivera's liberty few months prior, we're sure Miranda shed tears of joy and pure bliss.

Not only did he thank POTUS, but he also gave a shoutout to the speaker of the New York City Council, Melissa Mark-Viverito, who has worked relentlessly to free López Rivera.

"It’s very emotional. It’s been a long road emotionally and personally and I have been very invested in this case, and I visit him, and it’s just personal — it’s overwhelming," Mark-Viverito explained to POLITICO New York.

And Miranda made every "Hamilton" lover's pulse stop when he tweeted to Mark-Viverito that it would be an "honor" for him to revive his role as Hamilton on the night that López Rivera goes to the show in Chicago.

His final performance in the show was on July 9, 2016.

Even Mark-Viverito was stunned to hear that Miranda was willing to hit the stage one more time for the Puerto Rican independence fighter.

She did agree that López Rivera "deserves it."

If you're in Chicago, you might be one of the few, lucky people to watch Miranda play this iconic role for a final time.