Maluma is no stranger to being romantically linked to famous women. Tabloids do everything they can to piece together stories of him and his "latest" conquest. But now, the Colombian heartthrob's Twitter account has done all of the work for them by inserting him into a story that has EVERYTHING.

This is Belinda. The famous Spanish singer and actress was raised in Mexico, where she has had massive success as an entertainer.

Her music career has earned her the nickname the "Princess of Latin Pop" in the press.

She reportedly met Criss Angel — yes, THE Mindfreak — at his Vegas magic show in July 2016, and the rest was history.

The duo embarked on a whirlwind romance, and were not afraid to share special moments from their relationship with their followers.

"Where our magic began mi amor @belindapop - WATCH 'Alucinado' TOMORROW Monday on @AETV MEXICO," Angel tweeted in April.

The illusionist's social media proved that he was head over heels for Belinda. He even got her name tattooed on his chest.

Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end, with the singer confirming it in a note to her followers on Twitter.

"I'm not going to talk or give any more details about my personal life. I'm calm, I am with my family, and at this very moment, I don't have a partner. Blessings to all," she wrote in Spanish.

Fans showered her with love and support, but once Maluma chimed in with a tweet that had him essentially risking it all for the newly single star, all eyes were on him.

"How's life Beli? You look very pretty like always. Kiss and hug, you are very much loved my queen! @belindapop," Maluma wrote in Spanish.

Belinda's retweet didn't help.

Maluma's message was hilarious and MESSY AF, and because he hardly ever tweets you already know that fans lost their minds.

They were over it!

The anger over the uncharacteristic tweet was flowing.

It was THAT serious.

Some even started developing their own conspiracy theories to prove the whole thing wasn't real. One prevalent theory claimed his account was hacked.

But the shadiest tweet of them all was a fan "warning" Maluma about Belinda by sharing a disparaging tweet by her ex.

Angel tweeted out an article about Mexican Olympic diver Rommel Pacheco taking a shot at Belinda by sharing her breakup tweet.

"Friends do you think I have a chance? Sending you a (kiss emoji) @belindapop," the Olympian wrote.

"Hope he has a lot of money and owns a lie detector," Angel wrote of Pacheco's interest. Not OK!

Angel is obviously still in his feelings about the breakup, and anyone who has been reading in between the lines of his subtweets knows that this isn't the only time he's lashed out on social media.

But the attention was no sweat off Maluma's back — if you believe he's actually the person behind the viral tweet. "Your comments make me laugh... thank you for always bringing me joy. Love you all!" he wrote in Spanish later that day.

Of course, not everyone found it funny.

Was Maluma hacked? Is he actually crushing on Belinda? The world may never know.