Many are still mourning the news of Mexican icon Juan Gabriel's death, whose passing has created a void in the Latin American music scene. 

Gabriel had a profound impact on Marc Anthony's career, and just hours after his death on Sunday night (August 28), Anthony paid tribute to him at his concert in New York City.

He dedicated the night to Gabriel and sang Gabriel's popular song, "Abrazáme Muy Fuerte."

Anthony had previously covered Gabriel's song on his 2010 album, "Iconos," but on Sunday night, he was so overcome with emotion he found it hard to perform.

During the electrifying performance, Anthony paused several times attempting to hold back his tears. At one point, he even asked for help from the audience, prompting them to sing along.

Gabriel has been one of the most significant influences in Anthony's musical career.

Anthony first started his career recording in English, but upon hearing Gabriel's "Hasta Que Te Conocí" his "life changed forever" and he decided to start recording in Spanish. He immediately showed his respects to El Divo de Juarez by covering "Hasta Que Te Conocí" on his sophomore album, "Otra Nota." 

The Puerto Rican singer has even said his career wouldn't have take the course it has had it not been for Gabriel. 

The singers also collaborated on "Yo Te Recuerdo" for Gabriel's album, "Los Dúo 2."

It's not hard to see why Anthony was moved to tears, it's clear the love and respect these two had for one another ran deep.