The rumor mill started spinning once news broke on Friday, November 18 that Marc Anthony and his wife of two years, Shannon De Lima, were separating. After all, the day prior he kissed his ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, on stage at the Latin Grammys.

As scandalous as the kiss may have seemed, it was not what led to De Lima and Anthony's unraveling.

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony kiss
photo: Getty

PEOPLE reports that the Salsero's demanding career created conflicts within the relationship. 

“Marc is so busy with his career, touring and recording that he distances himself from his relationships without even knowing it,” a source told the publication. “Even with his wife in tow, she can feel like he is on another planet.”

It also appears that Anthony prefers a lifestyle that's less flexible for his partner.

“Marc likes to have a woman at home but he also likes to live like a bachelor. This doesn’t work for very long,” the source added.

And this split doesn't mean that a reunion is happening between Lopez and Anthony.

“They are not together,” a mutual friend of the parents insisted about the former couple. “They are friends, they are family, they are co-parents, and they are making an album together.” And Lopez's long-time manager Benny Medina, doubled down on that assertion telling TMZ, they are "absolutely, categorically, 100% not back together."

While Lopez and Anthony continue to demonstrate the impressive ability to remain friends with an ex, time will only tell if De Lima is able to stay as cordial with the Salsa sensation.