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photo: Simon Schuster

When news broke that journalist María Celeste Arrarás was turning her controversial Selena Quintanilla biography "El Secreto de Selena" into an epic TV miniseries, hoards of fans lost it — in a bad way. They immediately called for a boycott of the show, and even started a Change.org petition to stop the production, as accusations flew that the book — and therefore the upcoming TV series — was nothing but lies.

Fans claim that the salacious bestselling book based on the final days of Selena's life place her in an unnecessarily negative light — among other things, it implies she was having an affair. Many also believe that Arrarás' source for her account of Selena Quintanilla's final days was her killer, Yolanda Saldívar.

The outrage has been so intense, it even compelled Selena's sister, Suzette Quintanilla, to drag Arrarás' book, saying that the journalist was "full of crap."

"Your book is based on a whole bunch of lies," she said on Instagram Stories. "Your source is a person who killed, cold-heartedly murdered, my sister, shot her in the back and left her to die."

But Arrarás clapped right back with an open letter to Selena's fans — showing that she's not going down without a fight.

"With all due respect, I ask you to not be misled by people that have called for a boycott of my book 'Selena's Secret' and the miniseries based on the book that will be produced for television," Arrarás began.

"That initiative is based on the false premises that the book is based on the testimony of Selena's murderer and that I wrote it in order to profit from her death."

"This is completely untrue, and the best proof is that Yolanda Saldívar is furious with the way she was portrayed in the book, which exposed her as the manipulative liar that she is."

Arrarás shut down claims that she wrote the book to profit from Selena's death once again by reinforcing that she donated all of the profits from the book to charity.

But to be fair, in a interview with La Opinión, she did say that she always wanted to turn the book into a mini-series. So while she may not have gotten any profits from the book, a TV show is the perfect opportunity to cash in.

When it comes to claims that the book was based on Saldívar's story and slanders Selena, Arrarás made a strong point.

Every detail in the book was confirmed by several sources and, to this day, nobody has sued me or the publisher.

The journalist assured fans that the sources for her book included "thousands of legal documents, police records, and interviews."

Arrarás claims her intentions in writing the book, and producing the TV show, were genuine — she only wanted Selena's fans to get a real "glimpse of her life in those fateful last days."

And for those who still insist that her book casts Selena in a negative light? "There is not one page that smears her name or taints her memory. Whoever claims the opposite has an agenda and is not acting in good faith."

Arrarás still welcomes constructive criticism, and thanked fans for their support and trust.

You can read her full statement right here.

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